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Performa White

Taste and odor-neutral Performa White combines performance with a beautiful white appearance. Performa White by Stora Enso is an aesthetically appealing triple-coated GC1 board with a white-coated reverse side. Its three-layer fiber structure includes chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) in the middle layer. Performa White is a premium renewable cartonboard that is ideal for folding cartons for packaging fragrances cosmetics, and personal care products. For chocolates and confectionery, its proven taste and odor neutrality is a major benefit. Additionally, Performa White performs well in graphical end uses and can stand up to the most demanding finishing effects.

Caliper Range: .0116-.0266

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End Use

Bakery, Beauty & Personal Care, Dry Foods, Electronics & Media, Folding Carton, Food Packaging, Healthcare, Luxury Packaging, Retail, Signage/Displays