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Performa Light

The lightest weight GC2 grade with high whiteness and smoothness. Performa Light is a renewable, low-carbon material for premium folding cartons. It offers impeccable visual appearance, runnability in printing and converting processes, providing the print results required for creating a premium brand perception and customer experience. The board’s robustness enables safe and firm packaging at a low weight. It’s suitable for direct food contact, not to mention taste and odor neutral for delicate products such as chocolate. Performa Light is produced with patented FiberLight Tec™ including micro fibrillated cellulose in the structure. This reduces the need for energy and material in the production process. Furthermore, its low weight leads to lower CO2 emissions in transport.

Caliper Range: .0136-.0215

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Bakery, Beauty & Personal Care, Dry Foods, Electronics & Media, Folding Carton, Food Packaging, Healthcare, Luxury Packaging, Retail