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Performa Bright

Performa Bright combines versatility, cost-effectiveness, and visual distinction. Performa Bright features a three-layer fiber structure with chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) in the middle layer plus a triple-pigment-coated top side. Combined with excellent top-side printability and yield, Performa Bright’s uncoated white reverse side makes it attractive for folding cartons for premium brands. A taste- and odor-neutral folding boxboard, Performa Bright is the perfect chocolate and confectionery packaging material. It also excels in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food packaging.

Caliper Range: .0138-.0246

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Bakery, Beauty & Personal Care, Commercial Print, Dry Foods, Electronics & Media, Folding Carton, Healthcare, Luxury Packaging, Retail, Signage/Displays