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CKB™ by Stora Enso is made from 100% pure virgin fiber from responsibly managed forests, with full traceability. The strong virgin kraft fibers make CKB highly material efficient and lightweight perfect for today’s consumers who pay more attention than ever to the packaging itself, not just to what’s inside it. The exceptional stiffness and strength properties of CKB mean you can wave goodbye to dented boxes, waste, taste, odor, or purity concerns— and say hello to renewability, recyclability, and the strongest packaging at a low weight. On both converting and packing lines, CKB’s consistent quality and production methods can increase efficiency and reduce stoppages and waste. CKB is an ideal material for packaging a wide variety of products— from dry, chilled, and frozen food, wine & spirits, and organic goods to non-food items. Whatever you plan to pack and the impression you wish to create, you can rely on our original CKB family of products to cater to your needs. ---- A strong, robust, durable, and reliable board that promotes packaging integrity. Made of food-safe, pure renewable virgin fiber, CKB has a smooth white surface that lets you be creative with your brand and an unbleached inside that conveys eco-friendliness loud and clear. It can withstand moist and tepid conditions, keeping your product safe and looking prime even in harsh settings. CKB’s advantages include excellent printability, convertibility, and material efficiency. It comes in a wide range of barrier coating options including PE Green, which is 100% bio-based. CKB is a great packaging material for dry, frozen, and chilled food, wines & spirits, beer multipacks, and carrier packs for food and drinks as well as chocolate and confectionery. It also excels in high-strength non-food packaging applications.

Caliper Range: .0118-.028

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Bakery, Beverage & Beverage Multipacks, Chilled & Refrigerated Foods, Dry Foods, Folding Carton, Food Packaging, Food Service & Takeout, Frozen Foods, Home & Garden, Industrial, Sporting Goods