Our Capabilities

  • Cut to Register Sensors for preprinted or metalized rolls
  • Static Neutralizing System
  • Jam Detect with Auto Stop
  • Mill Splice Detection & Rejection
  • Mill Roll Edge Damage Detection & Rejection
  • Full Web Width Sheet Cleaner  
  • Metal Detection (FDA Requirements)
  • Ionized Air Control
  • Marking Free Surfaces
  • Autonomous Cross Cut & Slit Dimension Setups
  • Autonomous Continuous Run Automation
  • Automatic Non-Conformance Rejection Systems
  • Real-Time Cloud-Based Troubleshooting, Monitoring of Manufacturing Lines by OEM Engineering Team
  • Up to 6 Progressive Decurlers (Automatic & Progressive)
  • Single web unwinds up to 4 web unwinds
  • Digital size ranges & tolerance
  • Large format size range

  • Perpetual Material Genealogy & Lot Trace Tracking 
  • Live Job Boards Shared with Customer
  • Bar Code Generated & Tracked Inventory
  • Scanners throughout the facility for accurate tracking of inventory
  • Power Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • EDI & SAP Integration
  • Real-Time Machine & System Monitoring
  • Live Inventory Reporting

  • 1 – 4 Day lead times
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Manufacturing Capacity of >300 Tons per Day
  • Onsite wood shop for skid/pallet packaging flexibility & speed
  • Blind Shipments Capable
  • Private Labeling Available
  • Recycling & Salvage Support

The Patriot Difference

By harnessing the power of our people, cutting-edge technology, and the motivation to elevate the packaging industry- Patriot Converting stands alone as a world-class converting center. We are able to provide a breadth of capabilities, such as sheeting, rewinding, cutting, recycling, and more to your project, and are always looking to spread our wings further. We truly wish to make a positive impact and better tomorrow for our clients, team, and the environment.

The Patriot Difference