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April 26, 2021

War on Plastics

It is sort of strange to write this today. I grew up in a family that never used plastic bags. My mom would always get paper sacks because Uncle Jerry was a pressman and we need to support the printers.

Never thought it would come full circle. There is a real revolution going on right now with plastics. I think there are some pretty valid reasons honestly. Take for example bottled water, how many bottles do you drink a day? I rarely ever use one, but I see some people using 4-5 bottles a day. That is 1460 bottles of water a year! They are also packaged in plastic too. Maybe we could go back to paper milk cartons and more biodegradable products like the grocer's paper sacks?

When I was a kid that paper sack was used at least 1-2 times again. We would use it for garbage bags or school book covers.  It is strange to think that was only a few years ago.  We would also sort all our recyclables in paper sacks. They were a staple in our household. We never used plastic bags for garbage.

I know Covid has been rough on everyone. No one has been free from its effects. One bright spot is we are using paper products again. Food packaging is on the rise and I think people are really trying to be responsible about the number of plastics they use. So maybe next time at the grocery store, pack your groceries out with a paper sack. I know I have started again. You are supporting a lot of people and being more responsible while doing it!

We are all in the world together and the less impact on the earth we can make the better. There are all kinds of new paper products being created. If need to wage your own war on plastics let me know!