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May 17, 2021

Truly the Right Carton

As the weekend comes and goes just like a blink of an eye, I was reflecting and writing this last night. My wife asked me about Truly Hard Seltzer packaging and why I always say 21pt Aquakote when I see it in the recycling bin. I explained paper has different properties. For example, some, like the Truly packaging, have wet strength properties.

She asked me, "why does it matter?" That got me thinking about whether people ask their customers about their ultimate use before printing. I am sure a lot do but imagine picking up that pack of Truly, bringing it to a party, and having it blow apart while entering someone's house. The moisture on the cans changes as it goes from hot to cold other papers would fail.

Imagine this for a second, you are out hunting, the rain starts coming down, and that box of ammo gets a little rainwater. Does it fall apart? It does not! The paper is spec'd to have characteristics that make it superior to the elements.

I always say to people to know their audience and manage people's expectations. This goes for the Truly cartons. That rigid carton holds up well in wet, damp environments. It makes an excellent package presentation for the end user. Same with the ammo box. I would be very disappointed if my ammo box fell apart after some rain.

I am here to help manage your expectations of what Patriot can do for you and what the paper can do for your customers. Just like that pack of Truly seltzer's made the party Saturday night a hit, I can help make your next project a home run!