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October 11, 2021

The Time is Now

What are you doing to ensure you supply chain for 2022 is secured. Are you talking to suppliers and trying to forecast effectively?

What does it even mean to forecast though for paper? My best advice is to figure out the tonnage needs of your customers and then push to get some amount of growth. Mills like to be able to commit to tons and to understand where the tons are going. This does not mean you need the details of every order, you just need a forecast so the mills can plan. Meaning if your customer says we are going to need 10,000,000 million boxes and you figure that is 400 tons of paper. Let’s plan for needing 440 tons just incase there is a slight bump in qty. 

Paperboard market is growing and where are we going to be in 2022 who knows. This year has been strange like 2020, no one can deny that. If we grow 7% market is going to be even tighter. This is why a solid forecast with your customers is going to be so important.

I am available to meet and we can figure out your needs as you see fit. That is the Patriot way. We bridge the gap between forecasts and having stock. Size changes .25” well we can adjust on the fly minutes before it was ran. Saving you money and more importantly stock!