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July 19, 2021

The Patriot Way Stocking Programs

So you are a buyer and scrambling for stock for the third day in a row. The customer needed stock for the same box they ordered last month. So what to do now? Supply is tight and you are frustrated at your suppliers.

What if you could change that? What if you could impact your company’s future? Uncertain times create all kinds of creativity in the supply chain. Patriot can help it’s what we do. Patriot is your answer in the market and we want to sell you the right sheet for the job and make sure the inventory is there when you need it.

So here is how a program goes. Say you need 1 truck every month, we would build a supply chain for 2 trucks to have a buffer and spike in demand for it. Trucks come in once a month and you don’t have to worry and lose an hour of sleep thinking about coated recycled board for the third night in a row.

Customer places their order and you have the stock to your dock in 2 days and look like a hero. We help you manage through difficult times. We are the supply chain. Also say your customer changes the artwork. Now normally that can be a disaster because they said they need a 5% savings on the stock and you are stuck, with sheets on the floor in that size. Since we sheet, we can control everything about the size sheet. We could change it on the next run and save the paper yielding more sheets and continuing your relationship with the customer.

We have options of stock for food grade packaging, coated stock, and uncoated board stock. We have a great sourcing team that is ready to help you. This is the New Patriot, check us out!