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April 05, 2021

The Patriot Way

People have asked me, "what do you do at Patriot?" I always say I am a problem solver. I try my best to achieve a win for both the customer and the end user.

What does that mean for me as the buyer or CSR or Rep. I cut my teeth in industry problem-solving. I learned how to run an Indigo press just out of college. I did not have any formal training until about a year of running an Indigo. I treated it as a machine that had unlimited possibilities. I soon learned that it was only as good as the information I fed it. This also taught me something too, it was to always think outside the box. For so many of us, we get conformable quoting the same thing; offer the same options. We all know paper is not always exciting but, sometimes you have to think of out there.

In the Indigo world, the machine specs are based on the parameters you set in it. I learned that the GSM of the paper was vital to the old 3050 that I used to run. If I was to set the GSM too thin the machine impression would not be clean; too thick and it would trip sensors constantly.

If you supply your customer with a paper too thin or out of spec they will reject it and possibly pull the account. Too thick and they might not be able to co-pack it. Everything has parameters and tolerances in the world of printing. I am here to help manage the options and weigh out the pros and cons of each sheet. There are a lot of options that are out there. That takes me back to the indigo, I ran a job on Cranes 130# Cover on that press. It was over-spec and not recommended to run. I found a creative way to squeeze the stock harder and bump up the temp to the point it was burning the cotton fibers as it was running through. The customer came in for the press check and loved it. She was so happy with it that we earned all of her business that year and continued for many years after. If I would have never tried to think outside my machine parameters, I would have been stuck printing exactly what she had before, which she was not excited about.

So next time you are looking for an alternative to that substrate that no one has, I may have an option for you. I am here to help and make your project successful.