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August 16, 2021


It is Monday morning and like lots of mornings, mine is filled with catching up from Friday’s chaos. Why in the printing world does everyone wait until Friday to make the final decision? Or change it on Friday. It is all about options.

Like many things in the world printing has become like the Burger King slogan have it your way. Right now the market is in tight supply and options are what you have to give to your customers. Mills are at capacity and running wide open.

Here at Patriot, we live for options. That is what we do. I have been giving customers options since I started here. If we are low on CRB let's looksat another brand. Or even like many things you need to have some options on.  Honestly, I think people like having options and choosing something, so even in a tight supply situation they like having an option or two.

One option or creative solution people have been doing is using CRB and printing on the brown side and flipping the sheet so the white is the inside of the carton. This allows for the look of brown but a little bit more available. What it also does is makes the inside of the box look extremely clean.

So if you need some options let me know. I am here to help.