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September 27, 2021

McDonalds Toys No More?

So here is a wild one that I just recently read about. In 2014 McDonalds France removed all batteries from Toys. In 2018 they started to develop new paper games and trading cards. 2020 they eliminated plastic around the toys. (Source McDonalds Corporate website 2021)

I remember getting Happy Meals as a young kid and the prize was all that it was about. Now I think trading cards would have been really cool, but getting anything was cool. It is all about the excitement of the unknown. I know McDonalds puts a lot of effort in being more environmentally friendly. Corporate site does not indicate anything different but, how well do you think the US would receive this?

McDonalds purchases a lot of toys yearly. Millions of tons of plastic yearly. If they switched all that to paper based products, that would be a significant impact to the industry as a whole. Just France McDonalds alone is figuring on saving 3000 metric tons of plastic a year in 2021 compared to 2014.

I know these decisions for fast food restaurants takes time. It took time for them to have stores in every town too. I do think these corporations need to use sustainable packing and can influence industry more effectively than an individual. I would bet on if McDonalds said all our milk cartons needs to made from paper again some company would step up. It is simply business.

Answering my question about the US is receiving this campaign to reduce plastic usage too. By 2025 they are planning on a 90% reduction in virgin plastic ( McDonalds Corporate site 9/21/2021). That is a significant impact and I really think the trend will continue with others. Competition will notice what is going on. I think getting a coloring book in the Happy Meal will keep my kids busy for longer than a plastic Batman.