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August 23, 2021

Market Conditions Changing the Future

If anything I have learned is to never quit fighting for what your market position is. Many of you know this has been a year of transition for me. I left another company about a year ago and moved over to Patriot. The market for paper was just starting to feel the pressures of tightening up at that time.

I have fought for about a year to gain market share on allocation. I have enjoyed this tremendously. I enjoy helping people and solving problems. I enjoy it when people say Thank You and it is heartfelt. I like that it is what keeps me motivated every day.

Everyone is thinking about what the next job is going to be or how to run something that is delayed due to a truck. That is important for sure. I will fight for you in those regards but, for now, just step back and think about 2022 now. How is the company you work for going to succeed in 2022? How is the supply chain going to improve or worsen?

I want to help you in that regard, lets's start a program that lets sell what you want to sell and excel at. Are you experiencing the market or driving it? Let’s change your business model for the better. This is my jam, this is what I do.

So if you are free after the kids go back to school let me know! Let's do lunch and talk about the future cause 2021 is starting to close in and I want to talk about the future.