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March 21, 2021

Market Conditions

The market of paper is a constant flow of not having enough or overproducing. Right now we are in a tight paper market. Lead times are pushed out from 4 weeks to 6 weeks and longer. So for you, as a paper buyer or consumer, what does it mean for you? What is the biggest challenge to the end users right now?

Lead times are one of the challenges that I hear people talk about all the time. Lead time on a new project can be from 4-6 weeks or more. So how does anyone gain ground in a tight market? Find a great supplier! I know one in particular (wink, wink), that is willing to work for you. Stock is out there and sometimes getting creative with the project is the key to success.

One project in particular that we just finished up was a combo sheeting job, that saved the customer's project by utilizing two size sheets out of one roll. I cut my teeth in this industry by thinking outside the box. About 15 years ago the print shop I worked for, the Indigo press operator quit and walked out. That left no one to run the press. I was a buyer/CSR at that point and I knew this job was a hot business card due in a few hours. Instead of calling the customer saying it was not going to happen. I ran the job after a few attempts, cut it, and delivered it Friday afternoon at 4:30 as the customer was leaving for the tradeshow.

That is the kind of service and person you want in your corner in a tight market. Patriot is that team, we think outside the box to make sure your box delivers on time.