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October 25, 2021

Litho Label and More

As most everyone would agree the cabinets are bare all over. Patriot still does have some stock and we are getting more! 80# Litho label in by the end of the year.

That is right paper by 2021! It is a very nice 80# and if you have some box wrap needed let us know.

How is the rest of the market doing though? WR, Sappi and other mills would agree the pace of the market has reached a feverous pitch. Trucking issues still are rampant for everyone and there is no end in sight for this. Sheeters all over are filling up limited capacity that they have. We still have capacity, and we still have some paper.

The biggest thing right now that I see is getting options available. If a customer is looking for SBS, CNK might be an option. A lot of customers are willing to make changes right now just due to market conditions. I am more than happy to help with options and suggestions.

As I reflect a little on the 2021 year, paper supply has been tight, but some of the grades have been manageable. There are opportunities, but we really need to communicate and work together to find a balance in the market. Talk your customers about realistic expectations and what can be achieved. We are all in this together.