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June 01, 2021

Increases Déjà Vu

Life is always very interesting. Since 2020, Covid and the changes in commerce really have been a roller coaster. There is a lasting effect right now of the Covid pandemic that no one can deny.

Increases are coming in paper again. While some people are like, no we cannot absorb another increase, others are seeing the bigger picture of all goods going up in price. Lumber is up 252% right now. Food is going up, gas is going up. I know for me personally going up north for the Memorial Day weekend I broke $90 for a tank of gas for the first time in a few years.

Covid really decimated demand and now we are feeling the exact opposite of that. Many companies really struggled to produce during covid and we are feeling the effects of the aftermath with shortages.

So how do you combat rising prices on paper and hyper-demand? You team up with a supplier like Patriot and once the dust settles, we will still be here getting high-quality packaging grades to your plant like always. Right now planning your purchases out is the best thing you can do. Figure out what you need to produce and talk to your customers. Not many purchases are on a whim in the printing industry. Most purchases are planned out for weeks or months. We can do this and come out stronger and more nimble than ever!