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March 29, 2021


It‘s Monday morning and all the market news is about increases. They are coming again, WestRock, Sappi, Clearwater, and others.

What does that mean for the market though?  What can you do to help your customers save money during a tough market time? The market is extremely tight and demand is on the rise. In this market, customers that have been using SBS might be looking at options like CRB. I personally think that can be good or bad for the brand image.

Depending on what product you are dealing with, like high-end Pharm-type products, this could be terrible for the brand’s image to change to a CRB from an SBS-type board. So with raising prices what can we do other than raising the customer's pricing? Well, there are some options with different products that get more creative. At Patriot, we have helped a few customers change substrates and keep the brand looking as good as it did.

Back to changing from an SBS to a CRB, some key points are that it will be a reduction in cost and their customer can sell it if they are using a recycled product. This is a great selling point and the customer can be proud of using it. When the end user picks it up sometimes telling why they are using a certain package is a good thing as well. Lots of packages have a "why do we use this package" type statement on them.  This can create a brand redefinition.

So if you have any customers or products that need a little nudge we are here to help, we are Patriot Converting.