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February 15, 2021

Ideas - But What to Use?

Project ideas can be tossed around in a meeting fast and furious but, what does the packaging represent?

What are you targeting as sales? Is your product lifespan short, long, or something that you want consumers to be reminded of you and your brand is strong years later?

I worked on a project for a few months with a printer on a high-end retail package. Cell phone packaging is, I think one of the most important packagings for a consumer. It is a package that should last as long as the phone and really has some impact on a repeat buyer like myself. This particular package that I helped with was both complex and had many parts.

It had an outer sleeve, flap box, multiple inner packaging layers, and instructions. Now for most of us, instructions are a thing of the past on cell phones. We open it up dive in and start scrolling Facebook as soon as it boots up. It is a thing of bragging rights to get the new and latest technology. It is everywhere. No one can deny that life is ever changing because of it. Here is a question for you: what if that newest and latest phone came in a package that was inexpensive and felt like a tissue box?

For me, that box represents more than just a container, it is the reflection of what is inside. It is true that I have hung on to this box for just as long as I have had this phone. I keep all the trinkets you get with the phone in that box. It has been sitting on a shelf waiting for a day like today to shine once again. I was reminded how cool it was to get that phone. The box was timeless. It never changed, the phone did. It was deemed outdated 6 months after I received it.

So next time your client asks can I save a nickel by making this outer sleeve go away, think about the consumer in 5 years. Still having that box and seeing the impact of the packaging that represents what is inside. So in this case you can judge a cellphone by its box.