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July 26, 2021


Tomatoes and summer for our family are a big deal. My kids eat tomatoes like it is the end of the world. We use them on salads, and make fresh salsa with them this time of year. But I honestly never liked the packaging.

Those clear clamshell carriers are not fun to dispose of.  Well, Westrock has come out with some new options for food packaging.

It is called Evergrow packaging. On my continued journey of find better options for the earth, this might be a real winner.

There are three different grades.

EVERGROW - Carrier



This is a big deal! Less plastic containers in my recycling. I know some are not recyclable.  Truly confident that the packaging I am purchasing is recyclable. You can print on the outside of the box. This would be great for that Minnesota tomato grower trying to be different. The carrier board would be great for the apple orchard plants too. Evergrow punnet would be great for the farmers doing local mushrooms.

So if you need samples or any other information let me know!