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September 13, 2021

How Can You Make a Difference?

A company that I have been helping out with has come to me with an idea. They want to reduce their bubble usage in 2022 to almost zero. Now that is a pretty incredible statement. Everyone gets packages from Amazon, Target, and other online retailers full of void fill bubbles. A reduction of even 20% would be pretty impactful.

So the question is how can a paper company help an end-user? We sell paper to a variety of customers and local end-users. This one happened to be a good fit for both. This is using up scrap material and reducing plastic usage by about 80%. That will leave a better footprint going forward and improves the corporate image of the customer.

This is a win-win for everyone right! I love doing this and I feel this is my niche in the market. I really like helping people and improving the image of the customer or end-user. I always think that packaging is the elevator speech that your product carries. It is the first impression, so what do you want to say in the 1 minute you have.

I think we all need to see the packing as the media carrier. Like milk cartons back in my day kids' faces were on them each week. It was always the missing kid on them. That image is still burned in my eyes after 20 years. It was impactful and repeated. There are a lot of theories about how marketing impressions need to be seen 6-8 times before it sinks in. I guess that is how many times I tell my kids to clean their rooms so there must be some truth to this. In all honesty, the packaging defines a product.

Next time your end-user is looking for something, call Patriot we are more than willing to help and look for that new win for you!