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March 08, 2021

First Impressions - A Box of Goodness

SBS packaging is all about impressions. Take for example the location of one of my favorite donut shops in Minnesota, Dunkin Donuts. That box with the colorful logo and bold lettering is iconic around our city.

That box is SBS for packaging. Many printers use Tango or other high-bright stock for printing needs but, this is different. At Patriot, we offer Proto which is a great sheet for the donut box. It is white, clean, and reflects quality to the consumer. It prints and folds well. Making exceptional value to the business while retaining quality. It also has a lower basis weight and a better yield.

What if that donut box was made out of a brown-bending chip? Would you grab a donut from a brown box that looks plain and not very appealing? Most would not. That is why it is so important to really find out what the customer's end goal is. It is quick packaging to make sure the product is not destroyed in transit? Or is it an image-type piece where the stock as well as the printing defines the product inside?

So with Springtime fast approaching let's give that new client a fighting chance with Proto for market space!