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July 12, 2021

Fireworks and Celebration

The 4th of July week is over and lots of people including myself are returning back to work. My family and I were able to see 3 fireworks shows. Last weekend as I was watching a show I was thinking about how much paperboard product is used inside one firework display. It was almost overwhelming from the tube to the base to the outer packaging.

I should say I am talking about consumer-grade fireworks too. After the shows and late nights, my wife wanted a bloody mary drink. Now I personally am not a fan, but she bought a mix called Zing Zang. Comes in a small 6-pack carrier, an SBS-type board. This was a really interesting package. Totally different than anything I had seen.

The reason for me it was so cool was there was no plastic 6-pack web on the top. Just 6 small cans in a box ready to use and easy to handle. The plastic web packaging has really bugged me for a long time and this was a way to get rid of it. I know everyone really thinks and now knows the plastic 6 packs carriers are bad. We see the images of birds and turtles getting their heads caught in it.

If you are like a lot of people thinking of new ways to package items is important for the future of our planet. With efforts from everyone, we can reduce single plastic use and get back to using paperboard and paper. This Zing Zang box was a super cool way to show that you did not need to have the plastic carrier and the product was still easy to use.  So if you have an idea drop us a line we are happy to help you find a substrate idea that will change the future so we all can enjoy this planet.