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April 19, 2021

Doughnuts and Coffee

Who doesn’t like donuts and coffee? I mean really nothing is quite like a warm, tasty morning treat. If you are like me your kids eat them before you can get one.

Gone are the days of getting a donut in a bag and having that leak through the bag and onto your car seat, table, and business report. The world is changing and here at Patriot, we are leading the way by providing awesome, innovative solutions to food packaging.

One food packaging is the new EnShield Recycled Board from West Rock. This board is pretty cool. It has a brown kraft look with a grease resistance coating on the inside. It can be a selling point for your or your customer to be more environmentally conscious. The movement to go away from plastic packaging is here to stay. We will see more and more companies changing and adapting to this.

One of the biggest benefits that I can see with this substrate does not have PLASTIC! Unlike many options out there this is the real deal with food packaging. Comes in a wide variety of calipers and is a full Kit 12.

Let us know what you are working on or what solutions we can provide we are here to help and to grow with you!