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February 08, 2021

CNK CRB CCNB SBS - What Does it All Mean?

What does this mean for me as a print buyer? Well, let me help a little and shed some light on what it means and what you can help your customers with.

This will be some knowledge that really helps identify your customer's needs.

There are three basic grades

  • CRB

SBS/CUK is the highest cost and highest quality and Chipboard is the lowest.

SBS- This is a term you have heard of many times in the print world but in packaging is it usually less bright and more suited for packaging. It is still bright 86 for Printkote and makes a heck of a package. Best suited for higher-end use like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. While is white throughout the sheet.

CUK/CNK/SUS- This is a great sheet for packaging like ammunition. Or longer term packaging like dry foods. This is coated on 1 side and made from virgin fiber.  Patriot stocks CNK- WestRocks brand. These names are interchangeable and all have the same characteristics.

CRB/CCNB- This has a few names and a few different suppliers. This is coated on 1 side and made from recycled fiber. This is used in folding boxes and dry goods packaging. We stock Paperworks and WestRocks CRB. Both are solid choices for a recycled board.

Chip Board- This is the uncoated brown chip that is used for notepad backers and folding cartons. (There are types that can be printed on but more on that later)

Here at Patriot, we want to you to get the right product for the right application. So next time you grab that box of cereal you might say hey that is CRB.